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We understand that dealing with hearing loss can feel overwhelming. That’s why we make sure all of our patients feel welcome when coming in for a free hearing test.


Our audiologist provides an incredible level of expertise in diagnosing the cause of hearing loss and outlining the best way to manage or treat it. Whatever the case, our dedicated team always provide personalised quality care to every one of our patients.

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Wax removal may sound like another unwanted or risky procedure, but it is a completely safe and effective way to improve hearing for many people.


It is healthy and normal to have a certain about of earwax but too much can cause hearing loss. Using a simple procedure, we remove excess ear wax clearing the ear canal and allowing hearing to improve.

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Matt Has been qualified as an Audiologist since 2013, after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in both the private and NHS sectors during this time, and is also qualified in wax removal via microsuction.

Matt likes spending time getting to know his patients well, in order to ensure they are provided with the right care, and the most suitable hearing instruments and solutions to help improve their everyday life. Helping patients hear better in situations specific to them is the most satisfying part of his job. 


In his spare time, Matt plays bass guitar in a band and was proud to release an album a couple of years ago. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his young family and their dog Pinto. When he’s not busy, Matt will happily sit and watch any sport on TV for hours, especially cricket!

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Matt Kearon-Warrilow


As time goes by, hearing and ear health can change. That’s why it’s important to check in with us after you are fitted for a hearing aid.


During aftercare appointments, we will check your device is working properly, reassess your hearing and ear health, and let you know about any new hearing aid technology that you could benefit from.

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Having just returned from my first "check-up” following the fitting of my new hearing aids about a month ago, I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me.

- Mrs J M Batten -


Thank you. Our audiologist will be in touch to organise a convenient appointment.

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