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Welcoming all Glenns Opticians customers

As cherished patients of Glenns Opticians and now Waterloo Eye Centre, we are looking forward to seeing you for your eye examination.

At Waterloo Eye Centre, we are passionate about providing exceptional eyecare and hearing care, ensuring you receive the attention you deserve.

Having worked with Martin for a few months, it is clear that we uphold the same high clinical standards and share our values. The team and I are excited to carry on the legacy of the practice.

Before transitioning into retirement, Martin continues to examine eyes at Waterloo Eye Centre until 10th September. So you still have an opportunity to see him in the examination room. His appreciation for your loyal custom and friendship over the years remains strong.

We warmly invite you to schedule your appointment at, or feel free to reach out to our friendly team at 0151 928 6645.

We hope to see you soon.

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For further information, please call 0151 928 6645

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