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In 2019 we survived Maternity Leave. Welcome to 2020.

2019 saw the team survive the challenges of my maternity leave and come through it even stronger. I know we haven't been perfect, but we've absolutely worked our hardest. The team were a leader down for most of the year and sometimes juggling their daily tasks with an hour (or two) of child minding duties. Many of our weaknesses surfaced whilst our daily norm was far from comfortable for us, but I can honestly say we're improving every day.

Those of you who know me, won't be surprised to hear that my maternity leave was far from conventional. I will have tested some of your eyes 7 days before Seb was born and others when he was 3 weeks old. Some of you will have met him before my overseas friends managed to get over as he's been part of the practice for as long as he's been here.

Before he was born I vowed to stay away from work for 6 months and have my calls and emails diverted for 3. Instead, I was checking emails on day 3 and getting Seb familiar with the rest of the team as soon as were organised enough to leave the house without chaos. I even started a blog! Now that he's walking, don't be alarmed if you have to step over a wobbly toddler now and again to get through the door. We are a family friendly opticians after all!

In 2020 my maternity leave is officially over! It's time to get back to the serious work of finding ways to improve our service to you all. We've been lucky enough to gain a wealth of expertise from our two new staff Lyndsey and Janine. We welcomed them on board when they were made redundant when Optisavers closed. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they're certainly teaching us a thing or two.

Our Christmas tree is now down and the festivities are behind us. Thanks for all your support in 2019. Even through the testing times of readjusting to motherhood. Who'd have thought having a baby would've been as much of a whirlwind as it was!

I don't think Simon's lab will ever be the same again! (Sorry Simon)

Wishing you all a fantastic 2020

Cortney (and Seb)

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