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A Post Card from Asia: Seeing Sri Lanka in Full Colour

Hello from beautiful Sri Lanka!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to enjoy not one, but two safaris in Yala National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. It's an important location for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and aquatic birds. We were hoping to view lots of species in their natural environment but mostly, we were hoping and wishing to spot a leopard and a giant tusker.

As we set off for our morning safari, safety was our main focus, so we took scarves to cover up and sunglasses to protect us from the sun.

The alarm was set for 5am and at such an early hour, not too much logic went into my choices. I opted for a cap and my favourite aviator sunglasses by Porsche design, with interchangeable lenses. These both gave great protection but the peak of the cap got in the way of the camera and in this setting, I really missed the clarity of a polarised sunglass lens when looking for animals across the water.

Nonetheless, it was amazing being amongst the animal kingdom as it woke up and came to life.

Our guide informed us that the afternoon safari was our real chance to catch a glimpse at the rarer animals. More awake by then, there was more careful consideration into my choice of accessories. I swapped the cap for a floppy cotton had which didn't interfere with my picture taking and for the best possible vision, I decided to try a pair from our new Maui Jim range.

Maui Jim promises to provide more vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the harsh effects of glare and harmful rays. With claims like these, I had high hopes and I have to say, I was blown away! The difference in detail I could see wearing these was unbelievable. My ability to spot wildlife hiding in the bushes was improved tenfold! These will definitely be packed in the case for the next trip!

The afternoon was a success. We were so fortunate to come across a leopard napping in a tree and on the road out of the park came across a lost tusker who walked alongside our jeep for a few hundred metres. It was an unbelievable experience in an amazing place!


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