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Protect Your Eyes From The Winter Sun.

We have an influx of people every summer, rushing to grab their latest pair of sunglasses. Barbecues, foreign holidays, festivals. The whole season has us reaching for our shades. And, that's fantastic news to me, an Optometrist. If you read my blog last summer on keeping your eyes safe in the sun you'll know that the damage comes from the UV and not the temperature. Whenever the

The sun may make your car feel hotter in summer, but ever tried doing the school run in Crosby or driving down College Road at 8:30am on a bright winter's morning? It's almost impossible to see the road in front of you as you drive directly into the sun, which is lower in the colder months. Although the overall amount of UV reaching us might be slightly reduced in Winter, the position of the sun brings it closer to our line of sight.

At these times, an ordinary tinted sunglass lens might not be up to scratch. The Winter sun can be particularly harsh on your eyes as not only can you get caught from above, but the UV can reflect up into your eyes from a wet or icy road. I've had to swap to my polarized sunglasses, which not only dull down the brightness but cut out the glare of the sun when driving.

The weather can be completely unpredictable in Winter. Overcast mornings can turn into bright afternoon's without warning. Keep some sunglasses with you when you're out and about. Even if it seems there's no chance of needing them. Better to be safe than regret the damage later.

Don't forget to take the best care of your children's eyes too. We found a great blog from a local blogger answering the question, Do My Children Need Sunglasses? Obviously the answer is a great big yes, but I recommend you read the blog for more detail.

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