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Your Eyes, MyDay Lenses

It's not all fun and competition giveaways here, and in between all the excitement, our Dispensing Optician, Terrie and I, spent our evening at the launch of a new daily disposable contact lens for our patients with astigmatism. As far as educational events go, the fantastic setting of the Titanic hotel and the free food and drinks provided, made this quite the enjoyable occasion.

What is astigmatism?

To put it simply, astigmatism is a type of prescription which requires different strengths in different directions. Some of you may have heard the old "rugby ball not football" shaped analogy to help describe this. I tend not to use this description to my patients as I've had a few go home and scrutinise the shape of their eyes in the mirror for hours... And nobody needs that sort of complex ;-)

For those of you with astigmatism who've tried contact lenses before, you'll remember the difficulties in achieving the level of vision you'd like. This has historically been because of limited availability in contact lenses and the lenses moving around too much, especially in daily disposable options.

What's new?

The fantastic people at Coopervision have developed the MyDay Toric lenses, which have better stabilisation meaning clearer vision AND they're available in more powers! Hoorah! The claim from the manufacturers is "Exceptional vision quality and unsurpassed comfort" and so far, we've found the feedback from those who've trialled them backs this!

Whilst we are all loving the sunshine and the heatwave we've enjoyed over the weekend (long may it continue!), an important consideration for people wearing contact lenses this summer is that the MyDay toric lenses have a built in UV protection, filtering 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays! That's like sunscreen for the eyes! It's too easy for us all to take our sight for granted, and the effects of UV damage often don't show oil later on in life. So we are all for this promotion of long term health of your eyes.

So, if you're unsure if these lenses would benefit you, if you are new to contact lenses, or if you already wear a topic contact lens but would like to try the newest product, I'm pleased to say we are all clued up, fresh from the classroom!

Give us a call on 01519286645 or use our online booking service at www.waterlooeyecentre.co.uk to book your contact lens trial. Cort :)

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