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Learning to Après-ciate the Different Types of Light on the Slopes

As if the Christmas break wasn’t enough time off, some of the team were lucky enough to enjoy their first ski trip to Chamonix in the French Alps last week.

Cortney, Paul, Jemma and Kirsty hit the slopes and though the conditions weren’t ideal due to little snowfall, fun was had by all. Planning a ski trip requires many careful considerations: What colour bobble to have on your hat? How to best avoid the children zooming between your legs? How far is the bar from the lift? But importantly, how best to enhance your vision in the changing light conditions and protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and brightness.

Of course, in between fun in the snow and a little Apres ski, our patients were at the forefront of our minds and we took some time out to educate ourselves a little further on the visual needs of any of our fellow snowsports lovers.

When the sky is grey and cloudy, the light is described as “flat” and visibility of the contours and moguls of the slopes can be poor. Fortunately, goggles with amber or yellow lenses help you to pick out the bumps! There’s a fantastic range of goggles available with options for prescription inserts for all of you glasses wearers.

Jemma found wearing her contact lenses underneath her goggles gave her both additional UV protection and opened up the choice of goggles available to her. Fortunately, Jemma wears very good daily disposable lenses as the varying temperatures from slopes to chalet fire meant contact lenses were more prone to drying out!

The team were lucky enough to also have some beautifully bright days. In these conditions, a good polarized sunglass provided protection and cut out the glare, making the contours of the piste easier to navigate.

For any more information or help with your specific needs, pop in or give us a call.

It is safe to say, the team have certainly got the skiing bug!

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