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Don't miss out on our next competition to win a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses!

How good does it feel to bring a little unexpected pleasure into someones life? We were all completely blown away by the response to our last competition giveaway. When we saw how genuinely happy our last winner Shannen was when she collected her Valentino's we thought, "how can we get this warm, fuzzy feeling of making somebody's day again?"...

The answer was obvious, and you may have seen me and Mia go live over on our Facebook page last week to announce the news that we are doing ANOTHER fantastic competition. If you didn't manage to catch us then here's the link to see what the competition is all about https://www.facebook.com/pg/WaterlooEyeCentre/videos/?ref=page_internal *Disclaimer: Mia does not work for the shopping channel*

Maybe we had a moment of madness when choosing the prize for this new competition, but these Tom Ford sunglasses are unreal! And worth £310 RRP. I did put myself on a sunglass shopping ban for 2017 but I really think I might HAVE to break it so I can have a pair of these myself! It seems they're out of stock everywhere so we are very lucky we stocked up early!

Don't miss out on the giveaway madness. Good luck everyone.

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