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Announcing our Valentino Competition Winner!

Those of you following the madness of our Facebook competition will have lived through the madness with us! The lucky winner of those gorgeous Valentino sunglasses was Shannen Donnelley, and she was so excited to get them she raced down to collect them that very day.

I'm not sure who enjoyed the excitement of the competition more, those who entered or us running it! It was worth every second of the constant notifications from our Facebook page, just to see Shannen so genuinely happy to have won them. Would you believe our lucky winner had only just lost her own designer sunglasses a few days beforehand! We say it was meant to be! There's lots of post across our social media celebrating Shannen's happy moment so head over to our Facebook or Instagram to take a look. There's a rumour here at Waterloo Eye Centre that we may have enjoyed the whole thing so much we might perform an encore... Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what we might have planned.

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