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Meet our Newest Celebrity Patient...

Meet our newest celebrity patient, Sebastian Spelman!

Seb is a fantastic budding footballer who recently secured himself a contract with Wigan Athletic under 9’s!

He first began playing football for his local team, FC Northern, where Wigan Athletic scouted him. After training with the team for 12 months it was clear that Seb had real talent, however, his glasses were holding him back as they steamed up during wet weather and blocked his peripheral vision.

We suggested that Seb try monthly replacement contact lenses and Jemma taught him how to carefully insert and remove his lenses. After a bit of practice he was able to use them without problem.

The effect on his playing was immediate and he was soon giving it 110% on the field, making such an impression on the club’s coaches that he has now been asked to sign a contract for the team!

We’re absolutely delighted for Seb and have no doubt he’ll be a top player in the years to come!

Think you could benefit from contact lenses? Gives us a call on 0151 928 6645 and see how we can help!

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