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A Post Card from Asia: Having a Whale of a Time...

Our time in Sri Lanka is almost ending *runs away and cries* but today we took a boat trip out on the Indian Ocean to go whale watching. Learning from the experiences on Safari, where my Maui Jim polarized sunglasses were a dream, I was more careful with my sunglass selection!

Polarized lenses cut out glare reflected from the water, so for this excursion, they were the obvious choice! I’m not the most careful of sunglasses owners however and didn’t fancy the chances of my brand new Maui’s’ surviving me hanging over the edge of a boat in potentially rough waters.

Instead, I went for my more affordable Polaroid twist sunglasses. These are a fantastic range and come with me on EVERY holiday! Their polarized lenses provide excellent vision and they’re so flexible and bendy that they’re virtually indestructible! Even I have not managed to break them and that’s some test to pass!

It didn’t take long before we spotted dozens of dolphins swimming right alongside the boat. I was as excited as the children on the boat and there were lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” to be heard!

Just as we thought we’d have to give up our hopes of spotting a whale, not one but THREE blue whales turned up in the distance! The boat moved closer and a few minutes later the three surfaced from a shallow dive to show off their tails. A wonderful sight to see, made even better by a clever choice of eyewear.

It's nearly home time. See you all soon


The Polaroid twist range of sunglasses comes in a range of colours and sizes and are available for children and adults. We are lucky to have these in stock at the moment.

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