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A Bank Holiday Birthday to Remember!

This bank holiday weekend was a particularly special one for me as not only did I have a long weekend off, but it was also my birthday!! When I began planning the celebrations my brief was "I don't want to be the centre of attention" (no really, I actually said that!), what I eventually had, was a perfect weekend completely filled with 36 hours of celebrations! Hoorah!!

With somebody sending me the gift of glorious sunshine for our day at Chester races, my ever growing collection of sunglasses was raided by the girls to finish off our looks. The group must've looked like a Tom Ford ad campaign at times! Perks of having an optometrist best friend ;)

Although we cheered loudly during the races, I was having too much fun to back any winners. Oops. With a few people a little tired on Sunday, and me maintaining my stance that I "didn't want any fuss", I booked out the entirety of my favourite local eatery, Roast for 45 of my nearest and dearest. I owe Kev and the team at Roast the biggest of thank you's for making my birthday (non) party the most wonderful and well run celebration ever! For anyone who hasn't tried the food there you have to check out the menu http://www.roastcoffeeandkitchen.com/menu/

And for anyone looking for a party a little more casual than the usual night time bash, I honestly wouldn't consider anywhere else now! Experiences like this is part of the reason I absolutely love shopping and celebrating within our little Waterloo community! Keep it local!

Cort x

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