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May the 4th Be With You (posted late because, well... baby brain!)

Today, my first born little bundle of joy is 6 months old, and even though it has flown by, I’ve certainly needed the force to be with me, on many occasions. I’d promised so many of you regular blog updates whilst on maternity leave and I had really believed that I’d have so much time to blog and brunch and a whole host of other leisurely activities. I hadn’t banked on celebrating the first time I successfully left the house on my own with the baby without forgetting something, or starting to prepare for a lunch date 3 hours before the meeting time.

I really didn't have a clue what was in store for us. How can such a small person cause so much disruption?

So, here he is, Sebastian Alexander.

He arrived safely on November 4th weighing in at 6lb9.

I’d like to tell you all that 6 months on, we are settled into a slick routine… what i CAN honestly say, is that we can organise a lunch date and be there within half an hour now and although i still occasionally forget something important, i NEVER forget the baby!

And here he is at 4 weeks old, forward planning for his May 4th half birthday at his first fancy dress with his best attempt at newborn Yoda.

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