We now offer hearing care

We’ve always offered the best in eyecare to you, and now, we want to extend that service to your hearing too. 


We have proudly partnered with Hearing Aids UK, to provide hearing care to our patients and the wider community. 

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Through Hearing Aids UK we now offer...

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Full hearing assessments

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Ear protection

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Hearing devices

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Interest free payment plans

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Wax removal by microsuction

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Home visits

How it works


Find out about how we can help your hearing health


One of our Hearing Aid UK specialists will assess your hearing and provide the best solution for you


Get a free no obligation hearing assessment at our practice or at home 


Your specialist will continue to provide aftercare long after you receive your devices

Who are Hearing Aids UK?

Hearing Aids UK are a representative to a network of independent audiologists within your community.

Happy Patients


The whole process of testing, information and presentation was carried out in a very professional manner. The hearing aids were available on the day as promised. They have proven to be better than expected and I can honestly say they have most certainly made a great difference to my hearing. 


- Albert W

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